Our Story

Mike and Danielle are two people who may be great in the digital world, but know nothing about home maintenance. So, we decided to share our adventures and mishaps with the world! In 2015 we started building an automated home- something that would use our technical knowledge to teach us how to adult. Since then we’ve made several mistakes, most of which ended with us creating a program or system to prevent those mistakes from happening in the future.

Our Vision

Our website, A Blog For Us All, was designed as a way for us to share our mistakes, how we fixed them, and systems we put in place. We have a strong “teach a man to fish” philosophy, so all of our posts will give in depth explanations of how we developed our programs, including pitfalls we encountered. Our blog posts are designed as a blueprint to allow you to recreate our designs and software, with enough information to allow you to tailor it to your own needs. However, we will be making the systems we have available for purchase through our e-store. Anything on our e-store can be customized to your unique needs as well, which makes it an amazing idea for anyone who doesn’t have the time or technical knowledge to recreate our projects.

Meet the Family


Michael Liguori


Michael handles all software development, construction, landscaping, finance, and fitness.

Danielle Liguori Cropped

Danielle Liguori


Danielle deals with all things marketing, graphics, meal planning, organization, and parenting.

Tristen Liguori Cropped

Tristen Liguori


Tristen is our protege. He loves doing experiments, wood work, baking, and designing games.